Hackers Found An Exploit That Can Restore Suspended Twitter Accounts


Social media platforms have all rights to put down your account for good if anything you post is offensive. When Twitter takes down an offensive account, you just cannot expect it to return from the dead. However, a bunch of hackers have managed to get their hands on an exploit, allowing them to restore suspended Twitter accounts. The group of hackers called 'Spain Squad' claims that they have discovered a way to reactivate and even take control of the banned Twitter accounts. Lets see some more details on the subject.

Exploit Allows Hackers To Restore Suspended Twitter Accounts

The Spain Squad took hold of a handful of banned accounts like @1337, @Hell, @LizardSquad and much more. The group of hackers is looking forward to sell the account names and fetch them selves thousands of dollars in exchange. However, it's definitely not difficult for Twitter to put them down again, the company can easily pull the plug on the reactivated accounts as it had done previously.

If an account is suspended by Twitter due to unprecedented reasons, you cannot create a new account with that name as well. Henceforth, the account is permanently unavailable to users. In the end a user must choose a new name and then build up fan following from ground up.

Spain Squad

One of the users behind the exploit, Akma claims that the group has more tricks than just the restoration of the inactive accounts. Akma told Business Insider that the exploit can also be used for other purposes as well. Some of them include the ability to take over active accounts and even change a user's Twitter handle. The most excruciating bit is to suspend an account on behalf of Twitter. This might put Twitter accounts at risk. However, up till now, the group has only recovered officially suspended accounts. Twitter has taken note and have already re-suspended the accounts.

There are no details available as to how these hackers have managed to restore suspended Twitter accounts. Nonetheless, if Spain Squad can operate Twitter accounts as said, it could turn out to be a great deal for them. Moreover, it's still unknown whether Twitter has patched the exploits responsible for the the breach. We will definitely keep you posted as soon as more details are heard, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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