Guerrilla’s PS4 Exclusive RPG “Horizon” Allegedly Leaked With First Concept Art

Fahad Arif

It is no secret now that Guerrilla Games, a Studio responsible for eminent first party PlayStation exclusive games such as Killzone series, has been working on an unannounced brand new PS4 exclusive role-playing game for quite sometime now; over 2 years to be more precise. For now, we know near to nothing about this upcoming title, however just recently, two allegedly leaked pieces of the game, which is codenamed "Horizon" for now, appeared on internet showing futuristic mechanic dinosaurs and a female red-head protagonist.

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First Concept Art for Guerrilla Games' Unannounced Futuristic Open-World PS4 Exclusive RPG, Codenamed "Horizon" Leaked

The list of PS4 exclusive video game titles might not be that lengthy right now, but while keeping a strict check on other issues, Sony is working hard to bring adept, top-quality first as well as third-party exclusive video game content to its eighth generation video game console. Guerrilla Games, Sony's first party video game development studio that is responsible for Killzone: Shadow Fall, is also among the studios that are working to introduce some brand new PS4 exclusive video games.

The pictures that have been shared at the bottom of this post were posted on the Chinese Forums A9VG, and are allegedly leaked pieces of concept art from Guerrilla's upcoming unannounced game, which is currently codenamed "Horizon". Showcasing mechanic dinosaurs and in-game characters, the pictures attest all that we know about the game right now i.e., it is a futuristic open-world RPG, which is somehow comparable to The Witcher games, as it was said by a popular insider, Shinobi602, back in May.

Considering the artwork original, it seems like the cat is out of the bag now, and Sony, and Guerrilla Games might even give us a sneak peak at the project soon. But if that doesn't happen, the leaker, who also happens to be ranked as the admin of the forums where the concept art was leaked, has promised that more about the game is coming in few days.

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