GTA V – Amazing Gionight Modded Screenshots Are Way Better Than The Original Game


News: Gionight has released his first set of screenshots for GTA V showcasing an environment more beautiful than the game itself.

Story: One of the most highly anticipated games of 2014 was GTA V on PC which was delayed time and again on the PC. In fact, it took almost 1.5 years for the game to appear on PC after its first release on PS3 and Xbox 360. The success of the GTA series speaks for itself, with each release, the game has attracted more and more gamers and that attracts software developers aswell.

One of the best aspects of GTA series is that it allows mods to alter the gameplay and that has a huge impact on its popularity. People look for interesting mods to further improve graphics, gameplay or for cheats simply. You'll be able to find several mods for the game online as such a huge fan following encourages developers to show their skills. One which particularly caught my eye is as follows.

GTA V Modded Screenshots Are Absolutely Beautiful

Gionight has released his first set of screenshots for GTA V game. Known for his incredible modded work on screenshots for Skyrim, Gionight noted that this is still a work in progress and hence there still might be several differences between this version and the final one. Have a look at these amazing screenshots below.

GTA V first launched on the previous gen consoles i.e. PS3 and Xbox 360 late in 2013. Then the game made its way onto PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 while the PC version was scheduled to launch with them but was delayed to 2015 given issue in the port and looking at the recent poor game releases on PC, we sure can understand where that comes from.

If you're in for a mood to read more on the game you can check out an earlier article “Why GTA V PC version is the game to have” although some information there might be outdated as it was wrtten 5 months back before the release of GTA V on PC. Hope you enjoyed the screenshots. Stay tuned for more news on GTA V and do share your views in the comments section.