G.Skill Delivers Ripjaws 48GB DDR3-1900Mhz Memory Kit.


G.Skill has released its Ultra High performance memory which is meant to deliver outstanding computing performance to Workstation machines, The 48GB DDR3 Memory kit at 1900Mhz CL8 1.65V comes equipped with G.Skill's Ripjaw series Heatsink.

Designed for EVGA Monstrous Motherboard, The EVGA SR-2 which can support upto two Intel Xeon LGA1366 CPU sockets and 12 DDR3 memory slots and also support for 4-Way SLI GPU, This will be the perfect Workstation machine. Also Tweaking a bit can get the memory to run at 2000Mhz CL8 with the G.Skill Ripjaws.

Designed specifically for applications such as 3D rendering, data modeling, scientific research and other professional applications, The 48GB Memory kit will be be available at G.Skill's retail partners worldwide in August.