You Won’t Need a New Graphics Card for DirectX 12

Following the Windows 10 announcement event, here has been a lot of speculation around the software advancements Windows 10 will be bringing to the table. One of the most highly anticipated release and upcoming software is the news of Windows 10 featuring a new and exclusive version of the DirectX i.e. the DirectX 12. The DirectX 12 has been a widely debated topic across the hardware and the gaming community, mostly because of the performance improvements Microsoft has displayed they are bring to the new platform platform. But questions have been asked about the cards compatibility with the previous cards based for DirectX 11.1. Microsoft is trying to communicate to the users that they will not need to change their graphics card to take advantage of this upgrade in software.

"There will be DX 11.1 Cards that Take Advantage of a Lot of Tech in Windows 10"

Following last weeks presentation, Xbox Executive Mike Ybarra said that "There will be DX 11.1 cards that take advantage of a lot of the driver and software tech that we're bringing in Windows 10, but if you want the full benefits of DX12, you're going to need a DX12 card."

Microsoft has since then has sent mails to various press related executives clarifying the meaning of that particular statement:

"While we are not yet ready to detail everything related to DirectX 12, we can share that we are working closely with all of our hardware partners to help ensure that most modern PC gaming hardware will work well with DirectX 12, including; NVIDIA’s Maxwell, Kepler and Fermi-based GPUs, Intel’s 4th generation (and newer) Core processors and AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) based GPUs.”

So basically, this means that Microsoft is still working on the compatibility at the moment and as of yet the older versions of cards are not completely compatible and if Microsoft says that its working with other vendors/developers of cards to help develop cards that will fully feature DirectX 12, it means that as of yet no cards are available in the market now that will be able to completely support the DirectX 12. But its good that they're focusing on the betterment of the compatibility so that new users reverting to the Windows 10 should not have to spend more money on a card that supports the DirectX 12.

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