Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 Released – Includes Theft, Cars, Planes, Trains and More


Rockstar North have released the second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer which gives us a slight intro into the lives of the three protagonists we would get to play in the game along with some car chases, flying jets and colliding trains.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2

Coming out to the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring 2013, Grand Theft Auto V would be an epic set in the city of Los Santos. Although there have been no details for the PC version yet as we detailed earlier here, we still are sure that it would be launched sometime later after its console versions arrive.

Coming back to the new Grand Theft Auto V Trailer, it provides a short intro into the lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. If you didn't knew this already, Grand Theft Auto V would star three protagonists, each of which would be swapable and have his own storyline. While playing as a specific character, the other protagonist would become controlled via AI.

The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 shows that the new game would feature various car chases, looting up bank vaults, fighting choppers with your own fighter jets or just taking a dive with your car several meters above from a cargo plane. There's also a part where we see two trains colliding into each other which is probably a theft mission on one of the protagonists story line.

Without a doubt, Grand Theft Auto V is all set to become a grand hit of 2013. Coming out on consoles in spring 2013 and most probably a later date for PC users.