Grab A Fully Unlocked, Renewed iPhone 13 Pro Max In Sierra Blue For Less Than The Price Of An iPhone 14 Plus

Omar Sohail
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue

iPhones have the highest price retention of any smartphone in the market right now, but what if we told you that you could get an iPhone 13 Pro Max for less than the price of the iPhone 14 Plus? With Amazon’s Renewed Program, that is possible, and for the 128GB storage version that is offered in the Sierra Blue finish, customers can get this model for just $879.99.

As part of the Amazon Renewed Program, if the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not according to your liking, you can return it within a 90-day window. According to the program, all renewed smartphones are fully unlocked and will work with major U.S. carriers. Keep in mind that while these handsets are not brand new, they are available in ‘excellent condition’ and will have a battery that exceeds 80 percent of its capacity.

Here's what you will get with your iPhone 13 Pro Max

Compared to the iPhone 14 Plus, the renewed iPhone 13 Pro Max has a better display, and it also supports ProMotion technology, giving users access to a faster refresh rate of up to 120Hz. This 6.7-inch iPhone also delivers a more versatile camera, and both devices feature the A15 Bionic equipped with a 5-core GPU. This model will receive major iOS updates for many years since it launched in 2021, so there is little worry when picking it up.

Of course, if you want an iPhone 13 Pro Max in near-pristine condition, we suggest going for the version that is sold under the Renewed Premium program. The same model with 128GB of onboard storage is available for $1,029 there, so there is a pricing difference that you will have to pay. Then again, you can get yourself some savings and pick up this one instead.

Get the unlocked, renewed version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue (128GB) from Amazon

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