Google Wifi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Drops to $175 Once Again, Save $25 with this Deal

Uzair Ghani
Pick up Google Wifi 3-pack for just $175 today

You can pick up a 3-pack of Google Wifi whole home mesh Wi-Fi system for a low price of just $175, giving you 4,500 square feet of coverage.

Google Wifi 3-Pack Drops to Just $175 for Limited Time

Google Wifi is probably the safest bet when it comes to whole home mesh Wi-Fi systems. It's easy to set up, and once up and running the cloud services will handle everything for you in the background. It's even priced right at $200 for a 3-pack, but today you don't have to pay that much and get away with just $175.

The 3-pack of Google Wifi offers coverage of up to 4,500 square feet, which is enough to blanket an average sized home with strong Wi-Fi signals. It's super seamless as well. Just walk from one room to another and you don't have to fiddle around with settings in order to jump from one access point to the other. Google Wifi handles everything for you in the background.

It even manages which frequency and channel you connect to, giving you the most optimal wireless experience every single time. But things start to get interesting when you realize that you can manage your Wi-Fi network even when you are not at home using the Google Home app. Things like seeing who is using the most bandwidth, prioritizing devices and even pausing the internet can be handled in one place.

But best of all, Google Wifi offers one of the best Wi-Fi experience in the world of mesh networking. And it can be yours for just $175 today.

Buy Google Wifi - Mesh Wifi System - Wifi Router Replacement - 3 Pack - Was $200, now just $175

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