Google Wants Apple to Ditch SMS Completely in Favor of RCS, Citing Weak Security


iMessage falls back to SMS if the message is not delivered for whatever reason, but Google says that should change going forward.

Google Thinks Apple Should Adopt RCS and Ditch SMS for Enhanced Security

Google has finally figured out how messaging should work on Android and RCS is the way forward, it seems, for real this time. With recently added support for end-to-end encryption, it not only offers an iMessage-like experience, but it protects the privacy of users as well.

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Same can't be said for SMS these days at all.

With that in mind, Apple relies on SMS as a fallback if iMessage fails for whatever reason - poor internet connection, the other person is not online and so on. This also means that data is at risk, thanks to SMS.

Taking this into account, Google suggests that Apple should switch to RCS instead of SMS.

From TheVerge:

Going forward, the default messaging experience on Android is going to be more secure. The fallback messaging experience on the other platform will not have encryption if it’s still SMS. I think that that is a pretty interesting dynamic and I would hope that as everyone focuses on security and privacy it becomes an important part of the discussion.

While we do agree with Google here, there is a huge problem with RCS - it falls back to SMS as well if there is no data connection. Basically, as long as SMS exists, it will forever remain a fallback for the advanced tech available nowadays.

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But, the thing is - should Apple take the RCS route and lose the competitive advantage which it enjoys with iMessage? Let us know in the comments section below.

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