Several Google Services, Including YouTube, Gmail Are Down in Several Regions

Omar Sohail

If you’re unable to access multiple Google services, you’re not alone in this regard because several users, including myself, are facing the same problem. I just attempted to visit YouTube, and all I got was the above image. Refreshing the link didn’t aid in the matter at all. Additionally, Backup and Sync aren’t being updated, and Gmail appears to be offline too.

Around two billion users take advantage of Google services, and with each of them being offline means that you won’t be able to access your email inbox, cloud storage, documents, or receive location updates if you’re traveling on the road right now. If you have other alternate services that you can access at this time, we’d advise doing so.

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Update - Google Search appears to be working fine right now, but unfortunately, the remainder of the company’s services are offline. We’ll update our readers when things normalize. Some users are able to gain access to a few services using Incognito mode.

Update (2) - YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail are back online.

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