Google For iOS Can Now Search By Voice In Multiple Languages


With every iOS release, there are some features that third-party applications need to adapt to. While Apple may be the first one to bring them on the iPhone, others follow gradually. Now, Google has updated its search app for iOS with some of the latest offerings from iOS. The updated arrived on Thursday and adds multilingual support to its Google For iOS app. So let's dive in to see what languages are supported and whether or not the company has added more features to the table.

Google For iOS Updated With Multiple Language Support For Voice Search

As we have mentioned earlier, Google's namesake app on iOS has been updated with support for multiple languages. This means that you can now search by voice in multiple languages. The support for more languages is definitely a plus as it will now cater more users in different languages. In order to make use of the added support for multiple languages, you first need to enable it from the Settings.

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All you have to do is navigate to Settings and then tap on the "Voice Search" option.  Once you do that, tap on the "Language" option and select the additional language that you wish to use. At this point in time, there are over 50 languages added which you guys can choose from. Probably the list will expand in the near future in the form of updates.

The language that you have selected in the Settings will be used for Voice Search. So whenever the mic icon us tappen on or if a user initiates the Voice Search via "Ok, Google" keyword, the question can be asked in the same language that you have selected. In addition to this, Googe will respond the results in the same language automatically.

There are also some changes made to the Google Photos app for iOS. A new iMessage extension has been added that allows users to quickly send photos and videos through the Messages app. All you have to do is update the app and the option will appear automatically in the iMessage apps. The feature has also been expanded for the iPad.

You can download the Google for iOS and Google Photos for iOS app from the App Store for free.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new update for Google for iOS app? Do you think the support for multiple languages for Voice Search is a neat addition? Share your views in the comments.