Google Releases ‘Game of the Year’ Mini-Game That Tests Your Knowledge of 2018’s Top Trends

Google is no stranger to minigames and easter eggs. Ever since its inception, the company has found unique (and often weird) ways to interact with their audiences. Earlier this year, we had something lined up for Mario day (Mar 10) and Star Wars Day (May the 4th). Today, the company released a “Game of the Year” mini-game to test your knowledge of 2018's top trends.

As the name suggests, “Game of the Year” quizzes you about popular search trends in 2018. You should be able to breeze through it based on the knowledge of recent events, but there are a few tough ones in between that are impossible to get right if you don't actively keep track of what's being searched. To get started, head over to this link and enter your name. Once you tap on "Let's Go," you can also customize the sound of the virtual host. There are two sliders to adjust the speed and the pitch. If it's too noisy for you, there's a mute button on the top right.

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Once you enter your name, You have 10 seconds to answer each question and are allowed three wrong answers before the game ends. No Google quiz is complete without random factoids/dad jokes, and 'Game of the Year' is no different. There is also a chance of randomly triggering a 'Bonus Mode' mini-mini-game (is that a thing?) You'll be shown a trend and have to swipe left or right. Swiping left indicates that it was searched less frequently compared to the previous years and vice versa. It is virtually impossible to get most of these right unless you're into that kind of stuff.

As expected, Google also lets you flex on your friends. You can show off your score on Facebook and Twitter via the interactive buttons located on the top right (desktop only). So, feel free to jump right in and find out just how much you know about what the 'millennials' are searching for these days and prepare to get destroyed by FACTS and LOGIC. And remember, the most obvious answer isn't always the correct one.

News Source: Google

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