Google Play Services 7.3 Updates To Trusted Places UI And Dismissible Android Wear Notifications


Google Play Services have made a significant jump from 7.0 to 7.3 in the latest update, offering some pretty neat features and a refreshed user interface for trusted places. Even though there is a lot to talk about for the consumer, developers on the other hand are left with a minor changes in the API. The update has some overall upgrades while previous issues were cleared as soon as this update arrived.

Google services definitely needed an update for its current issues in the security section which was quite vulnerable. Though the trusted places'address on Home is working again, it seems that users are acquainted with a new and improved user interface as well. With this new UI, users can now set up safe zones with great ease, unless you already own one already. Other than this, the persistent Android Wear Notifications can now be dismissed. We know some users might find it very appealing.

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As mentioned before, the update for Google Play Services can now be configured concerning Trusted Places with all thanks to the new UI. However, according to an update, some users already possessed the UI which might have been an outcome because of the server-side switch which might have been triggered on to this update.

A new maps widget is added which is very easy to manipulate and control. The maps have a string of blue dots that reflects a safe zone that has been selected by the user. You can now search for a specific location using coordinates unlike relying on street addresses alone. It does not solely mean that users can no longer search using street addresses, that option will always be available.

As far as Android Wear users are concerned, users mostly got persistent notifications when connected to a smart watch. This issue has also been fixed in the Google Play service update to version 7.3. The notifications have been appointed with a dismiss option so they don't annoy you. Apart from this, this update also enables you to update your Google+ which gets Material Design features and a pull to refresh option.

You can download the update APK from this link. The APK is signed by Google itself so it will upgrade your existing application. You can also wait for this update if you wish to. the application is completely secure to download. As for now, let us know how you liked the update.