Google Pixel Watch to Offer Customizability with Lots of Bands and Strap Options

Jun 17, 2022 04:35 EDT
Google Pixel Watch to Offer Customizability with Lots of Bands and Strap Options

Google previewed the Pixel Watch at the Google I/O 2022 and while the company did not reveal a lot about the wearable at the event, it was rather clear that Google was looking to position this watch as the pinnacle of what one can achieve with Wear OS. With that said, it is not being suggested that the watch will launch with several options in both bands and straps, giving users the chance to actually go ahead and customize their smartwatch any way they like.

Google Wants Your Pixel Watch to be As Customizable As You Would Like

During the event, Google showed off the Google Pixel Watch's soft-touch silicone band in a number of colors. Those are most likely going to be the basic option and will probably come with the watch by default. It is not being reported that Google is planning on offering three color-matched Milanese bands that will have woven stainless steel and a magnetic clasp. There will also be a more traditional link bracelet. Being a watch enthusiast, I do understand that the quality difference can be there, but we will have to wait and see just how good these straps and bracelets are.

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In addition to that, the Pixel Watch will also have two leather bands, a standard fabric, and a stretch band, However, I am more excited about how Google manages to pull this off in terms of the variety, considering how Apple is known to deliver some excellent option.

The Pixel Watch is going to use a proprietary watch band system that can easily be swapped out. Sadly, Google did not give out a full explanation as to how the bands will work but we will be waiting to see just how everything works.


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