Pixel 7a Hands-On Video Leaked Before Official Launch, Images Show ‘Boxy’ Design, With High Refresh Rate

Omar Sohail
Pixel 7a
Official Google Pixel 6a press render

Google’s Pixel range of smartphones has a habit of appearing online through leaks, and that too, weeks before their inception. The Pixel 7a retains that trend, showing up in an alleged hands-on video and a few images. One of these images highlights a feature that is not present on the Pixel 6a, and it could become a major selling point when it launches.

Machine learning translation reveals that the Pixel 7a will support up to a 90Hz refresh rate

Evidence of the Pixel 7a was located on a private Facebook group, with Twitter user @chunvn8888 uploading the images and video to the microblogging social platform. At first glance, the Pixel 7a features a boxy design, which is not different from the Pixel 6a, suggesting that Google might be re-using the same chassis to save up on manufacturing costs.

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At the back, there is a dual-camera array present, with a top-mounted and centered selfie camera. The Pixel 7a appears to be in the hands of a Vietnamese vendor because the language on display is of the same language. Thanks to a machine learning translation, we found out that there is a toggle to switch the refresh rate from 60Hz to 90Hz to deliver that crispy smooth scrolling or revert back to 60Hz to conserve battery life.

Pair that with the possibility of the Pixel 7a featuring the newest Tensor G2, and you may have a winner on your hands, assuming Google prices it competitively. Then again, it did not take long for the Pixel 6a’s price to drop from $449.99 to $399.99, and shortly after, it became a steal at $349. It is unclear if Google plans to discontinue the Pixel 6a or sell it at an even lower price when the Pixel 7a has officially launched, but we will keep our readers in the loop.

Pixel 7a leaked
Pixel 7a leaked
Pixel 7a leaked

We also noticed dual-SIM compatibility and a ‘Screen Protector Mode,’ which improves touch sensitivity once it is toggled. We hope to see more of the Pixel 7a before Google unveils it, so we can tell consumers well in advance if the upgrade is worth it or not.

News Source: Facebook

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