Google Pixel 3 Lite Camera Samples Allegedly Leaked – Reveal Clean, Detailed Images Thanks to the Advanced 12MP Sensor

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Pixel 3

Unlike Google’s discontinued Nexus handsets (with the exception of Nexus 6), the Pixel smartphones carry a hefty price tag. However, as first discovered through the code snippets in the company’s ARCore software, a cheaper device codename ‘Sargo’ or ‘Pixel 3 Lite’ might be released soon. Here are the first alleged camera samples that have made their way on the web.

Despite a Lower Price Tag, the Pixel 3 Lite Will Reportedly Impeccable Camera Quality

The alleged phone would be a stripped down version of the flagship Pixel 3 smartphones, but if some leaked camera samples are to go by, there would be no compromises on the camera quality. The pictures come from a Russian tech publication called Rozetked that managed to get their hands on a prototype of the affordable Pixel device. According to them, some camera features might have been disabled on the prototype device, but even then, it is pretty clear that the Portrait mode would be a part of the package and the shots taken are of a decent quality.

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The phone is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC and we should not believe that it will sport a premium design, which is a characteristic of less costly handsets. However, what truly matters is that we can expect the affordable Pixel 3 Lite phone to not skimp on the two things that flagship Pixel devices are known for; fast software updates and a great camera.


Since Google has not officially acknowledged the presence of a cheaper Pixel smartphone, it is hard to say when the new phone would arrive. However, the leaked alleged camera samples give some weight to the previously-reported rumors that suggest a phone is in the works. The Russian tech publication also made a couple of other speculations, such as a retail price of nearly $400 and a release date falling within the first six months of the next year.

However, since no source was specified, we are a little skeptical of these claims. However, given that Apple’s released its own entry-level iPhone XR this year and Samsung is also rumored to be prepping an affordable variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10, it is not surprising that Google might be in a rush to push out an affordable model of its own in the market.

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News Source: Rozetked

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