Google Photos Update 2.13 for Android Brings Support for Video Stabilization


Google Photos can conveniently be tagged among Google's best services. And with every update, it is only getting better. The tech giant has rolled out update 2.13 to Google Photos, which brings video stabilization for videos that are already recorded. In addition to the stabilization feature, the update also hints at some upcoming features.

In a report, AndroidPolice points out that the video stabilization had been there for quite some time, but it was not active. With the update 2.13, Google has made the feature active for all.

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Video stabilization on Google Photos is an easy-to-use feature. To get started, you have to open a video, tap on edit and then select "stabilize." After selecting the option, Google Photos will stabilize your video frame-by-frame. Notably, the stabilization takes as much time as the duration of the video, and it also depends on the resolution, frame rate, along with the processing speed of your device. It means that this feature would work better on flagship devices in comparison to mid-rangers.

To stabilize the videos, Google Photos lightly crops and warps the video to keep the subject immovable. In most of the videos, the outcome shows no warp effect but in some videos, you might notice a slight warping effect.

In addition to introducing a new feature, the update 2.13 also leaves hints for the return of Google+ app integration with the service. It will ultimately allow photo sharing on circles in Google+ via Google Photos. How ironical is it that Google Photos was launched as a part of Google+ and it went on to become way more popular than Google's flop social network. Another irony is that before the launch, Google+ was being promoted as the "Facebook Killer," Alas, things turned out the other way round or perhaps vice-versa.

The update 2.13 for Google Photos is currently rolling on Google Play, and Google is expected to initiate the rollout for Android user in the coming days.

In the meantime, you can share your views on this new feature added to Google Photos. Hit the comment section below to comment.