Google One App Live on the Play Store, Service to Follow Soon


A few days ago, Google announced the release of a new storage solution Google One, which is priced cheaper than Google Drive. It doesn't affect Google Drive functionality in any way and is merely additional storage space for those who need it. Google One now has an app in the Play Store, but it's merely a placeholder and won't do anything till the service is active in the coming weeks. The Play Store listing says users will be able to use the app to do the following:

  • Manage your storage plan, which covers Google Drive, Gmail and original quality photos and videos in Google Photos.
  • Contact our team of experts with just one tap. If you need help with Google products and services, our team is here for you.
  • Access member benefits like Google Play credit and special hotel pricing.
  • Share your plan with up to 5 family members, giving everyone more storage plus access to extra benefits.

The entry-level storage plan is 100GB for $1.99 per month (or $19.99 per year), which is about as much as most users will need. In Google Drive, the next level up was 1TB, which is too much even for prolific data hoarders. With Google One, there's a new 200GB plan for $2.99 a month, and the 1TB plan is replaced by 2TB for the same price of $9.99 a month. The 200GB plan should prove sufficient for an individual, while the 2TB plan is ideal for families.

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You can even access member benefits such as Google Play credit and discounts on hotels will also via the app. That's about all we know for now. However, 9to5Google did some digging and found mentions of "" in the app package, which suggests that the service had some link with the soon to be deprecated YouTube Red. The listing also states that existing Google Drive subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the corresponding Google One plan. If you want to take a look at the app, you can download it using this link.


News Source: 9to5google