Google Messages Could Stop Working on Numerous Android Devices

Furqan Shahid
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Google Messages is slowly turning into one of the best iMessage alternatives that are available on Android. Mainly because of the adoption and rollout of RCS messaging, which adds some new messaging features that make it ever so closer to the Apple iMessage. However, Google's job is not done yet as Google still has to make some changes within the Messages app.

However, the latest app teardown has revealed some interesting information that shows that Google is moving away from uncertified Android devices, which means that those devices will no longer be able to use Google Messages.

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According to an APK teardown done by folks over at XDA, there is a string of code in the Google Messages app version 7.2.203 that shows a compliance message that will supposedly be sent out to uncertified Android users, and the message reads the following,

On March 31, Messages will stop working on uncertified devices, including this one

While this message might sound strange to some people, Google is probably implementing this change because of the Google Messages' recently getting end-to-end encryption support that started rolling out last month. This feature was long overdue since RCS rolled out that ensures that the chats remain secure and protected. For now, it is only available for Beta users. With uncertified devices, Google cannot ensure the same protection, and therefore, killing the support for Google Messages is the best possible solution.

For those wondering, unfortified devices are the ones that have not passed Google's official certification process that allows access to Google services and apps. These devices have to go through the process of sideloading the Google apps to run them. These include but are not limited to some of the recent Huawei phones that are currently available.

At the same time, it is important to know that this could change because just because a string of code is found in the app does not mean that it will be updated. For instance, the next update could remove the string altogether, but if anything of such nature happens, we'll let you know.

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