Google Maps Will Soon Start Showing COVID Vaccine Areas

Furqan Shahid

There is no denying that the pandemic has proven to be a quite a toll on the communities around the world. While there the uncertainty is still there, we are getting a ray of hope in vaccines being developed around the world and many countries even running trials in many countries. Now, Google has introduced a new update for Google Maps that will start showing COVID vaccination sites on the maps, essentially allowing people to find the nearest spots and get vaccinated right away.

Google is providing more than $150 million to promote vaccine education and not just that; they are also going to promote equitable distribution and, in addition to that, making it easier to find the locally relevant information that will have factors such as when to get the vaccine. Google will go ahead and open Google spaces that will be used as vaccination sites when needed.

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Google Maps Make it Easier for Everyone to Get COVID Vaccination.

Google has expanded their information panels on Search to more than 40 countries and in many different languages, and the company plans to roll out more in the coming week. In addition to that, Google Maps will begin to show state and regional distribution information on Search. This will help people find out when they are eligible to receive the vaccine.

In addition to that, Google will be launching the "Get The Facts" initiative on both Google and YouTube to help the users with authoritative information about the vaccines.

Google says that the searches for "vaccines near me" have increased 5x since the start of the year, and to help people get to the right places, Google Maps will be receiving an update that will show COVID-19 vaccinations. This will start with Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. However, Google has promised that more states and countries will be added later down the road.

The Google Maps will show whether an appointment or referral is needed before getting the vaccine, whether the access is limited to specific groups, or if there is a drive-through. Google talked about how they are working with partners like and other authoritative sources such as government agencies and retail pharmacies to gather accurate vaccine location information and make it public to everyone.

Google will also start opening select Google facilities such as buildings, parking lots, and open spaces so these can become vaccination clinics based on the need.

This is a noble move by Google, and it should certainly help people looking to get vaccinated across the world. For more details, you can read all about the new changes on Google's blog.

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