Google Has Made It Easier for Its Pixel Phones to Be Repaired


The delicate structural integrity of smartphones will cause them to get damaged depending on what sort of impact they receive and sadly, both Pixel and Pixel XL will not be strangers to these form of damages if you neglect them. However, Google has made it slightly easier for you to get your smartphone repaired and it comes in the form of walk-in repairs.

Google Has Partnered With uBreakiFix for Easy Walk-in Repairs of Your Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones

With the release of its Android flagship smartphone duo, Google has effectively targeted the premium smartphone market, and consumers are going to be livid if they find out that they will not be able to get repairs on time after paying a hefty sum for these flagships. Fortunately for them, Google has partnered with uBreakiFix in order to make this ordeal less excruciating. By working with uBreakiFix, Google is giving customers access to manufacturer backed same-day repair services that use OEM parts.

In this way, you will not have to wait long hours for appointments to get your broken screens fixed and you can also opt to choose the available mail-in service if you’re away from the proximity of any of the 250 retail locations. These 250 retail locations are located in a total of 187 cities and each of these stores houses a team of qualified specialists who will be able to replace the damaged part of the Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL.

CEO and founder Justin Wetherill is thrilled to have partnered with Google and aims to provide Pixel owners the best possible service.

“We are pleased to provide Pixel customers with the quality repair service and exceptional customer experience that have come to define our brand. A broken device shouldn't have to ruin someone's day.”

As for the pricing, if you manage to break the screen of the Pixel, then you will have to pay $129.99, while Pixel XL owners will have to pay up to $149.99 for screen repairs. That’s quite an amount for a cracked screen, but that aforementioned price tag might also guarantee you stellar and same-day service without waiting any longer than you have to, so you could say that the price is somewhat justified.

Do you feel that Google partnering with uBreakiFix is a good step to give Pixel and Pixel XL owners some comfort? Tell us your thoughts right away.