Google is Allegedly Using Data from Rival Apps to Build Their Own Counterparts


In a recent turn of events, Google has been accused of using data from other apps that are installed on phones equipped with Google Play, and using that data to build its own services and apps that directly rival the competition. This is happening in a private Google project where all of this data is stored in an "Android Lockbox"

Google is Being Accused for Using Data from TikTok to Create YouTube Shorts

As per the report from The Information, Google has reportedly used data to build a TikTok rival called YouTube Shorts. But it does not just end there, the company is also being accused of analyzing data from email apps as well as social media apps akin to Facebook and Instagram. Such behaviour could be seen as anti-trust and could result in the Department of Justice filing anti-trust charges against the company. Here is an excerpt from the original article.

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The research was part of an unreported Google effort, internally called Android Lockbox, that has for years tapped what the company has referred to as “sensitive” data collected by Android to selectively monitor how users interact with non-Google apps

This is not the first time a company of such a large scale is being accused of doing something anti-rust as even Amazon was investigated for something big. Now in Google's defence, they have mentioned about collecting app user data, but that data is something that only individual developers have access to. But then again, if it is running on a platform made by Google, then, in that case, Google has a lot of data points. Which means that Google is potentially able to look not just data from one app, but pretty much everything in order to get the larger picture and understand usage patterns.

Do you think the search engine giant should be questioned for such a breach in trust, or are you okay with what information is being used? Let us know in the comments below.