Google Is Evolving Its Inbox Email App With New And More Powerful Integrations

Ahmed Bilal

Tech giant Google unveiled another add on to its inbox email app specially designed for project management application Trello and the software collaboration platform GitHub. The newly added feature is going to be third party integrations which will enable the users to get emails from the companies on the app which are relevant to their project.

Google just wants you to save your time

As we are used to seeing the separate heads in our mailbox separating the travel, event and newsletter emails, this will do the same kind of formatting with these emails. Similarly for Trello, the users will be getting a precise point by point summary of the most recent activities undertaken on the project card. On the other hand, GitHub emails will now be showing code changes and filed issues. Both kinds of messages will include an option for the user to open the particular app associated with it given that the message is accessed through Android or iOS devices.

Gmail Inbox integration

These kinds of app integrations we just looked at are the expected future for inbox which has given Google some food for thought to reinvent how exactly email should work. This, beyond any doubt is a more effective and efficient way to put things in place and to process things in a better way.

Google mail team has not only added Trello and GitHub to its inbox but also added a number of other fascinating features users have been asking for long time now. The first one includes the capacity of the user to delete the emails from the inbox with the same comfort and ease as sending it to the archived folder. The newly added default swipe option can be used to delete the email there and then. The other cool feature added to Gmail is the integration of the mail account with the Google drive account which allows the users to insert Drive links, edit file permissions and even save attachments in the email directly from the app.

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