Why Google Glass has the Potential to become the Biggest Win for Intelligence Agencies


Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing is presented in this article as fact.

Our lives are quickly becoming more interconnected with the enigma we call the internet. The amount of data we willingly or unwillingly put on the internet would be peta to exabytes in size for an average internet user. Edward Snowden caused quite a stir by releasing the depth of surveillance the Intelligence Agencies go to. Google Glass is, unless we are reading the signs wrong, the wearable tech of the future. Problem is, Google Glass also has the potential to be the best thing that ever happened to Intelligence agencies.

Google Glass: Wearable Tech of the Future or the Perfect Surveillance Tool for Intelligence Agencies?

The actual problem arises out of the vulnerability of Google Glass. At the time of writing, a modern PC with a mid-end GPU can break into Google Glass, with the right software (if you think i am going to mention said hack here, keep dreaming). And Intelligence Agencies such as NSA have been known to break into cyphers known to be virtually unbreakable . If i remember correctly there is only one cypher (PGP Cypher) which is a combination of different encryption that is more or less secure from the NSA. So if a normal tech savvy person can break into Google Glass, what exactly does that mean for our Privacy.

Lets see just what exactly Google Glass delivers in terms of risk. Google Glass records a constant video profile of the user and this in itself is end-game enough. Imagine the fact that the likes of NSA would have access to every Google Glass and its feed. Remember the how the Agents could be any person in the Matrix? Wow, that might just become accurate enough. Now add that to the fact that Google Glass would also hold real time GPS coordinates and augmented reality information of the user too and you have basically the perfect surveillance tool. Who would have thought that the Right to Privacy would become so valuable in the 21st Century. I would be genuinely surprised if Intelligence agencies aren't actively researching infiltration methods on Google Glass right now.