Google Announces The Automatic Conversion Of Flash Ads To HTML5, Starting Today


Adobe Flash ads can be converted to HTML5 starting today, announced Google. With the introduction of this new conversion system by Google, it will be much more easier than ever for the advertisers to target users without a device or any sort of browser that capitalistically supports flash player on the Google display network.

Google's introduction to a new conversion tool paved an easier way for advertisers

"This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach their customers throughout the day, whenever they may be browsing. But there is an all-too-common barrier: many mobile devices and some browsers do not currently support Flash. That’s why we’re introducing a way to automatically convert Flash ads to HTML5, giving advertisers better access to the portion of Google Display Network inventory that is HTML5-only."

When Flash wasn't supported back in November, Google also started offering backups for HTML5. Primarily for the Google display network, the Flash-to-HTML5 options and tools formed an HTML5 version of Flash ads, which was used to show the original ad rather than the static backup image as the end result.

However the new tool introduced by Google will automatically convert possible flash files irrespective of whether they are old or new to HTML5. Although advertisers need to upload their ads through AdWord and AdWords Editor, or through any relevant party tools that are in collaboration with Google's ad platform by any means.

This is how a flash ad can be determine if it is running in an HTML ad format, says Google:

"Not all Flash ads can be converted to HTML5. To see whether your Flash ad will convert, upload it to the Swiffy tool. If this tool is able to convert your ad, then your ad will be automatically converted when it is uploaded to AdWords.

To see in your AdWords reports whether your Flash ad was converted, segment your ad table by devices. If you see mobile or tablet impressions for a Flash ad, then your ad was converted. In the future, we will be providing a notification on all converted Flash ads. We expect this to be available in late 2015."

If the work by Google goes the same way as it is going now in converting most of the files to HTML5, we will soon reach a point where all the ads running in a stream will be in HTML5 format, which is a high probability while looking at the statistics by now. Google has been hopeful of the switch from Flash to HTML5 since January 2010, but it wasn't before five years that Google actually implemented this system in YouTube with a test version HTML5 video player.