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Google Assistant Now Has Tips Related to Coronavirus


We are all are well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world; with countries going on lockdown and people working from home, it has become crucial to practice self-isolation to manage and contain the spread and keep it away.

The pandemic is definitely scary, and companies all around the world are playing their part in raising awareness so the consumers are fully aware. Google is now another company to join the effort as they have just introduced new tips as well as a shortcut that pertains to COVID-19. Both of these have made their way to the Google Assistant.

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Google is not the only one who has made changes to there assistant. We recently covered how Apple has made changes to Siri by adding a questionnaire for checking the symptoms.

Educate Yourself About Coronavirus Using Google Assistant

The changes rolled out in a rather subtle way and are almost missable at first. You have to have Google Assistant all set up before the tips start appearing on your device. You do not have to do anything else to turn this on. Simply call out Google Assistant by using the voice command or otherwise, and the following screen will pop.

Tapping on Coronavirus tips can either take you to Google's Do The Five page or it starts showing you articles on Coronavirus from all over the world. In our case, we got the articles from across the world.

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Additionally, the Google Discover section has also received some changes. You can now swipe over and you will find COVID-19 updates right on top.

Needless to say, the step taken by Google is definitely a good one because it will certainly raise some awareness. The COVID-19 pandemic at this point is critical at best. It is nice to see that companies are gearing up to raise awareness.

We can tell that many people are going to consider this step almost rudimentary but considering how we are facing a very disastrous pandemic, it is better that more awareness is raised so people can start taking care of themselves, and ultimately, start playing a part in spreading more information about the pandemic as well.

How are you dealing with the spread of COVID-19? Has it affected your working routine or are you comfortable working from home?