Google Assistant Now Gives Additional Information About When It’ll Rain

For many in the northern hemisphere, the rains are out in full force (or will be in the next couple of weeks). While it's virtually impossible to predict rainfall one hundred per cent of the times, we've come reasonably close to doing so. It's always good to know if it's going to rain before stepping out, considering almost all of us have one, if not more, pieces of electronics at hand that won't react too kindly to moisture. Who better to ask about the rains than the Google Assistant, which seems to be an expert in pretty much everything (except for determining if a 4-panel image is Loss, but we'll get there eventually)

Until now, if you asked the Google Assistant if it was going to rain, it would simply answer with a yes or no. Additional information such as the volume of rain, duration of the rainfall etc. was missing and one had to rely on third-party weather apps for it. Now, it'll tell you exactly when it will rain and also if there will be a break in the rain, for how long will it rain, and a probability of rainfall per hour. The change was first spotted by a Reddit user three days ago. It is very likely that anyone running the latest version of the Google Assistant will also be able to see the new feature in action.

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We're not entirely sure where the information is sourced from. It could be either AccuWeather or; Google's go-to sources for all weather-related information. Frankly, I'm surprised this wasn't implemented earlier. Surely, an all-knowing virtual assistant that has the entirety of the internet at its disposal can answer questions about the weather in more detail. Hopefully, we should see the similar changes implemented across other weather conditions such as snow and hail, and we'll have to wait until winter hits to find out.

News Source: XDA developers

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