Google Assistant Beta Comes to Xbox One, Increasing Voice Command Options

Alessio Palumbo
Google Assistant Gears 5

Google Assistant is now available in beta for Xbox One, Microsoft announced this week. That's only in the English language for now, but Google and Microsoft are working to provide additional language options ahead of the global launch of the feature expected for later in the Fall season.

Google Assistant enables users to interact with their Xbox One consoles with their voice, provided that they own a Google Assistant-enabled device or the iOS/Android applications.

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Here’s how to get started with the beta: 

  1. Join our Google Group with the Google Account you intend to use 

2. Sign into your Xbox 

3. In the Google Home app for iOS or Android: 

    1. Tap “+ Add” 
    2. Tap Set up device 
    3. Tap “Have something already set up?” 
    4. Search for and select “[beta] Xbox”
  1. Sign in with the Microsoft account you use on Xbox 

5. Follow the instructions to link your Xbox and give it a device name 

If no devices are found, try enabling the Digital Assistants setting on your console (Settings > Kinect & Devices > Digital Assistants)

Once you’re all set up, here are a few actions you can try to get you started with controlling your Xbox One with Google Assistant:  

  • Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, turn on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, turn off Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, pause on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, resume on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.” 
  • Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.” 

You’ll notice the default device name for Xbox consoles is “Xbox”; however, you can change the device name for your smart home commands at any time in the Google Home and Assistant apps if you have more than one Xbox in your home. When triggering an action, just use the device name you set in your commands. For example, you would say, “Hey Google, turn on Basement Xbox.” 

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