Google Art & Culture App Allows You to Create Gorgeous Paintings Out of Your Pictures


At the time of writing, the Google Play Store is not short of amazing photo editing apps. From the heavy hitters like Lightroom to something like Snapseed, you can easily get your hands on a photo editing app and unleash your creativity.

However, Google just introduced a new feature called Art Transfer to its Google Art & Culture app that lets you use your photos and turn them into beautiful paintings. The app is currently available to download from the Google Play Store, and once you have downloaded it and set it up, you can start creating art out of your photos.

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Google Art & Culture Lets You Choose Various Art Styles from Famous Artists and Apply Them to Your Photos

The best thing is that using this app is very simple, as a matter of fact, a lot simpler than using a full-fledged photo editor. All you have to do is download the app, take a picture, and once you are done, simply choose the art style you want to apply. If you want to, however, go into a bit more detail, you can even use your pre-existing photos.

The reason why pre-existing photos is a better option because that way, you can take full control of your phone's camera app. Not just that, if you are someone who owns a professional camera, you can take photos taking from that camera and let the Google Art & Culture app work its magic on them.

Thankfully, using the app is extremely simple and straightforward, so you do not have to worry much. Still, we have attached a number of screenshots for your convenience below.

While the app itself is really cool, it would work best on portraits of yourself or other people, or landscapes. You should also know that this is by no means a full-fledged photo editing app. However, it does show the prowess of Google's AI that is being used in the app and goes to show just how more powerful and comprehensive it could become in the future.

Have you tried Google Art & Culture? Let us know what you think about this cool new feature.