Golden Words “Go Screw Yourself Apple”


It was inevitable and was bound to happen that an Adobe employee would get up and say the golden words "Go Screw Yourself Apple". This is not about the rivalry anymore and it is certainly not about Apple not allowing Adobe Flash to be used by any of the Apple products. It is only about the stubborn and arrogant attitude of Steve Jobs. He is the boss and whatever he says, goes.

Its like a fairy tale story where Adobe and Apple always used to go hand in hand with products. The Adobe Photoshop and other creative suites were part and parcel of Apple's Mac capabilities. Everyone loved them but then one day Apple decided to come up with a mobile phone, it was called iPhone. Adobe was happy, as it would enable Adobe to use the flash as part of developers tool but all the happiness was short lived as Apple decided not to allow developers to use flash. Their stance was that flash based applications will have a negative effect on the battery and over all phone's performance. Adobe was not happy, the developers were not happy and most of all, the users were not happy. Apple was determined to make iPhone a success, with out Adobe and it did. Then came the second generation iPhone 3G and still no Flash support. The third generation 3GS told the same story. Recently, the 4th Gen iPhone OS 4.0 was revealed and soon after than, Steve Jobs said that there will never be Flash for iPhone or iPad or any of the future Apple's iSanitary products. The result is what the world witnessed last night!

I think that Lee Brimelow, who is an Evangelist at Adobe should be given the highest award by Adobe by being RIGHT! He is my hero and he should be everyone else's too as he spoke against the "Corporation" and the "Evil" too!

Trust me that this is not the end of it, it is just the beginning.

Lee's detailed blog can be read here

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