Golden DualShock 3 Incoming

Sony has been introducing new colors to the DualShock 3 since some time now. There have been green, red and blue variants of the DualShock 3, in addition to the white, black and silver colors available at launch. But Sony has upped the ante with this baby.

Snazzy and oh so golden.

Yes, that's a golden DualShock 3. It looks cool, or simply too flashy, depending on your viewpoint. But its so... golden. Now all we need is a golden PS3 to go along with it. Oh wait, there totally is one! Yes, some guys decided to dip a PS3 in gold and sell it for the hefty sum of five thousand US dollars. I'd like to see one in real life.

So, if you're totally on board with the golden controller and are in Europe, it will be available in a store near you somewhere during this month. If you're in America, then this controller will be yours come September, available exclusively from GameStop.

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