Gold Series Silent Power Pro Power Supply Launched by Cooler Master.

Hassan Mujtaba

Cooler Master launched its new Silent Power Pro Gold Series Power Supplies. These PSU are top of the line from cooler master and ideal for SLI and Crossfire setups for Nvidia and ATI graphic cards and provide enough juice to power all the High-end pc components for gaming and overclocking usage. The new Silent pro gold series power supplies are 80 plus Gold Certified with an extraordinary 90 percent power efficiency under load.

Innovative and Patented Technologies:

The Silent Pro Gold series features an entirely new design with several innovative and patented technologies. Cooler Master has created HTT (Heat Transfer Technology) a unique "L-shaped" heat-sink designed to vastly improve the airflow inside the power supply, resulting in lower operating temperatures. Another unique feature to the Silent Pro Gold series is the Hybrid Transformer which mounts the transformer directly to the heatsink. This makes for a more compact transformer and improves the power efficiency at the same time. Yet another feature that helps improve the power efficiency is Hyper Path™ which is a "hyper link" between the transformer and the various power conversion components. The "hyper link" results in almost a loss-less transfer of energy which has never been done before.

Modularized Power Supply

Power efficiency aside, the Silent Pro Gold series offers a wide range of cutting edge features. You will of course get modular cables and as with other high-end power supplies from Cooler Master and the Silent Pro Gold series is supplied with flat cables which allows for a much tidier build. Some models also features a cable protector for the main ATX power cable on the PSU end which reduces wear and tear where this large cable enters the PSU chassis.

Good as Gold

The Silent Pro Gold series is available in a wide range of different Wattages, starting at 600W going all the way up to 1200W. The 700W, 800W and 900W models are all ready for 3-way SLI or CrossFireX, while the 1000W and 1200W models handles quad SLI or CrossFireX as well as the latest XL-ATX motherboards with support for dual 8-pin 12V connectors. Common across the entire range is support for no less than nine SATA drives, four Molex connectors and a single floppy drive connector. All models also come with a class leading 5 year warranty. So if you've been waiting for the ultimate power supply, then the wait is over, as the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold series has arrived.


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