GoDaddy To Cease Domain Registrations in China

Mar 26, 2010

After Google and Dell, now it is world's top domain seller GoDaddy announcing to cease domain registrations in China. The company says that Chinese Govt. policies for the Internet is getting ridiculous day by day and the latest addition to the policy has nailed it.

The Chinese Govt. now wants complete data of the users registering domains through GoDaddy, including the registrant's picture, which according to GoDaddy's lawyers, is annoying. They also state that at times GoDaddy's hosted and registered sites are taken down by the Chinese Govt. without giving them a reason and it is very hard to know why it happens.

Although it might of concern for some that businesses are leaving China but then again, although there might be some policies which the "corporations" feel are unjust but when you are in someone else's house, you have to go by their rules and not create your own.