God Of War Original Team Is Working On New Game, 100 Enemies On Screen Confirmed And More


Last week, Sony confirmed during its E3 2016 press conference that Kratos, main character of the popular God of War series, will soon be back on PlayStation 4 after the God of War 3 remaster with a brand new entry of the series. The new God Of War game looks quite different from past entries of the series, but there's no doubt that it will keep the spirit of the series intact, judging from what has been revealed recently.

In a brand new interview with The Know, Sony Santa Monica's Creative Director Cory Barlog revealed that most of the team that has worked on the original God of War, released on PlayStation 2 years back, is working on the new PlayStation 4, with the exclusion of David Jaffe, who has left Sony back in 2007. This fact alone is quite reassuring, as it will be the original team who will steer God of War in a brand new direction.

During the same interview, Cory Barlog revealed plenty of other details. Apparently, the game will not feature any morality system or branching story, so all players will be having the same story experience. Additionally, it's been confirmed that players will be able to visit some of the 9 realms of Norse Mythology, will have to deal with huge amounts of enemies on screen, up to 100 enemies, and that some of the most controversial mini-games found in previous entries won't be back. You can check out the full interview right below.

As already mentioned, the new God of War game will be different from previous entries of the series, with the game featuring elements taken from role playing games such as what seem like skill points, crafting and more, a new over the shoulders camera and more. Kratos will be the main character once again, but he will no longer use his signature double chained blades due to story reasons. During the game, players will also be able to control Kratos' son at times during the game.

God Of War is currently in development for PlayStation 4, and a release date has yet to be confirmed. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.