Next God of War title in the works?


An interesting bunch of job openings are available on the PlayStation Career site, the job's were being offered from Santa Monica Studios the geniuses behind the God of War series some of the available jobs are

  • Senior Tools/Technology Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Online Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Graphics/ Technology Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Gameplay/Generalist Programmer (God of War Team)

image and job positions courtesy of Source

The ending of God of War 3 left many fans questioning whether a God of War 4 would be seen in the future? Santa Monica games claimed that the series would end with God of War 3 but maybe they had other intentions when making the concluding cutscene of 3. While the 2010 God of War: Ghost of Sparta was mainly a prequel it still didn't answer the question of whether we can see the mighty brutality loving spartan warrior in the future for either the PSP or the PS3. For now I only hope that these rumors are true and indeed a new game is in the works.

Source: GamersXchange