God of War’s PC Developer Jetpack Interactive Is Working With Sony on Flagship AAA Live Service

Francesco De Meo

The developer behind the PC port of 2018's God of War, Vancouver-based studio Jetpack Interactive, is currently hiring new programmers to work on an upcoming Sony live service game.

The job ad, which has been posted on the studio's LinkedIn page as reported on the ResetERA forums, highlights how this will be a AAA production based on one of the publisher's flagship properties. Sadly, the ab doesn't provide more information on this game, so we have no idea which Sony property will make its comeback as a live service game.

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Most recently, Jetpack has been working alongside Sony Interactive (Santa Monica Studio) on God Of War projects, including the port of GOW 2018 to PC/Steam, which it released in January 2022. The port has been commercially successful and the game received praise from critics and Sony Santa Monica itself.

We are now working directly with Sony to develop one of its flagship IPs within its much anticipated live services games portfolio. If you’re revved up about being part of a small and skilled SWAT team making some of the finest AAA games out there – we’re pretty sure you’ll like working at Jetpack.

Jetpack Interactive's game is only one of the live service games Sony will have out by March 2026. Despite planning to release so many live service titles, the Japanese company will continue to produce the single-player games it is known for, according to Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios.

Obviously we will always carry on making these single-player narrative-based games such as Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us, and Horizon Forbidden West. But you've spotted correctly that we have invested in live service games, because that's incredibly exciting for us.

We have quite a few now in development or conceptualisation, so yes we are setting up capabilities internally. But exactly for that reason, it is so exciting for us to welcome to the family a group of people who have a lot of experience with live service games. To have those central capabilities that we're setting up interact with people who have been doing it for a long time... that notion that demanding customers create great capabilities, that usually holds true in game development.

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