Glimpse of the Future: The Open Source GPU

Usman Pirzada

It seems nearly everything is moving towards the Open Source platform, but one Kickstarter on... well Kickstarter has opened a project to do something that took me truly by surprise: An Open Source Graphical Processing Unit (GPU).

Open source GPU vodooNope this isnt the Open Source GPU. is just a Vodoo

The Open Source GPU - Something of the Future or a Doomed Concept?

I have absolutely no idea whether this something truly genius or a lame concept. Either way only time will tell.

"Silicon Spectrum re-implemented a graphics accelerator compatible with the #9 Ticket To Ride IV. The reason behind this was to provide a binary compatible graphics core for vertical markets: Medical Imaging, Military, Industrial, and Server products.

We were successful in our 2D/ 3D implementation, which has been used in Digital picture frames as an ASIC, Avionics equipment and other products as an FPGA.

Now we are running a kickstarter to finish the final few modes of operation with the goal of a complete, professional, open source hardware platform."

This is the Kickstarter for the Open Source GPU.

The Kickstart aims to "Complete Verilog implementation of a 2D/ 3D graphics processor capable of OpenGL and D3D w/ full test suite"

However it should be noted that the Kickstart will only even start comparing to moder day gpus if it reaches the 1 Million Dollar Mark.

"This is our ultimate stretch goal and requires a complete redesign. It's something we have been wanting to do for years, but didn't have the resources. This would allow us to create a complete open source implementation of a modern day graphics accelerator.

If we receive more than the above, it will allow us to devote more time and effort to the project and we'll be able to release code sooner.This is new design work and our anticipated delivery would be Q2 2015."

If this Open Source GPU is successful than it could pave the way to a much much better future.  Of course don't expect open source hardware to compete with modern day gpus for atleast 10 years or so. An Open Source GPU would be highly stable and possibly completely bug free. If not then bugs could be driven out as soon as anyone haves them. This is one Kickstart to look out for.

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