‘Glance’ Jailbreak Tweak Gives You A Better Look At Your Home Screen Wallpaper


iOS does not have a menu button on the Home Screen, all of the apps are visible as soon as you unlock your iPhone. No matter how wonderful your wallpaper is, the app icons will come forward to block the entire view, covering all of the important details on the wallpaper. As frustrating as it sounds, the wallpaper can never be seen properly with all the cluttered app icons piled up on the Home Screen of your iPhone. This is where a new jailbreak tweak, Glance comes to action.


Ryan Petrich's Glance tweak makes it easier for iPhone users to take a better look at the set wallpaper. This one of a kind tweak has a sophisticated interaction method that makes the entire Home Screen wallpaper visible to the user. Simply swipe up on the Home Screen and all of your app icons will disappear. They will not be unveiled unless you press the Home button, giving you your required time to view the wallpaper. Glance is a simple jailbreak tweak with a simple purpose that extinguishes the dire need to view the wallpaper on Home Screen without app icons blocking the view.

Let's see what the Glance tweak has to offer and its availability.

Glance Lets You Hide Your App Icons On The Home Screen

Glance has adopted a very subtle yet soothing animated effect to make the app icons go away. With a simple upward swipe, the icons slowly fade away in the upward direction, unveiling the wallpaper. When the Home Button is pressed, the app icons come back into view in a smooth manner. Though this tweak is not a necessity, it does provide a utility for users who desperately want to see their wallpaper every now and then.


Glance jailbreak tweak is not available on default Cydia repos yet, since it is in the beta phase. However, if you are interested, you can install it from the developer's private repo, which is available from the URL provided:


Another important aspect of this jailbreak tweak is that it does not require any configuration setup. Once the tweak is installed, you are all set to go. To see if it works, simply install it and go to your Home Screen and perform the upward swipe gesture. If the app icons fade out of view, it's working fine. To make them come back into view, simply press the Home button.

If you think this tweak is of great help to you, download it right away and let us know about your experience in the comments.