Give The Gift of World of Warcraft For Christmas

Blizzard has started a christmas tradition where they sell World of Warcraft and all its expansions at an unbeatable price to the public available for both digital and physical copies of the game, with the release of Cataclysm adding more features to the original game after such a long time I would say that the deal is definitely well worth it if you have been waiting for the ideal time to purchase the game for yourself and didn't want to break the bank for it. The sale is on for the US and EU versions of the game while the EU version is more expensive it should definitely be worth it for those of you seeking lesser lag.

World of Warcraft is still the worlds favorite MMORPG and with continued expansion pack releases and an active community the $15 a month justifies the purchase completely and Blizzard has given fans a chance to be part of the same activity by giving people the option to buy the game dirt cheap so that they too can become part of an actively growing community. While many MMO are going free to play Blizzard remains focused on staying Pay to Play to maintain a certain quality, while the game is playable for free up to level 20 indefinitely there really is little to nothing to do in World of Warcraft at such a low level unless you know someone who is willing to carry you around like a Chihuahua in a purse and protect you from all the serious dangers around Azeroth.

Those of you new to the game can just buy Battlechest which contains the first expansion and the original and will last you till Level 70 and give you access to the outlands, this way you have a good time to choose whether or not to upgrade to the other expansions, considering the prices of the Battlechest on the EU and US versions I would say its well worth it even for the new comers to try out. And once you get a hang of the game you can then move on to Lich King and Cataclysm for more fun in the game.

The EU Deal can be availed HERE for 60€ or you can take your pick of expansion pack too.

The US deal can be availed HERE where all the games can be bought for a super low price of $35 USD or your pick of each Expansion pack.

The sales expire on 19th December 2011 for the US and 21st December 2011 for the EU regions so get those cards out and buy this game before you miss out and have to wait a whole year for this opportunity to come back again with Mists of Pandaria.

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