The Gingerbread man spills the beans: Android 3.0 revealed


Froyo, which is Android Version 2.2 is out officially and unofficially on many Android capable phones. And so far the users of 2.2 are very satisfied with Froyo. But there is finally news on Android 3.0 which has the codename of "Gingerbread", cleverly named after the childrens book "The Gingerbread man". Except this story isn't about an overconfident cookie who comes to life and gets eaten by a fox, This Gingerbread is meant for those of you who want more out of their Android phones, if you though Froyo was something wait till you get a glimpse of what Android 3.0 has to offer you.

Among some of the features you can expect from Gingerbread are VoIP, eye candy and even video chat. For the video chat you will definitely be seeing more front camera phones which come with Android. Among the other neat features will be SIP which will allow Google Voice Calls over both Wi-Fi and even from your phones data carrier.

As for the eye candy, Gingerbread will bring back the Android Multitasking bar is now back with a different color, instead of Grey its now black and there is also going to be a little something taken from the iPhone, when you switch from screen to screen you will now experience what is called a "rubber band effect" which is common in the iPhone and not only are these features neat there will also be improvements regarding the speed of the Firmware, As the firmware will take full advantage of the hardware its running on.

Although there is no official date you can expect the firmware late 2010 or even early 2011.

Source: DigitalTrends