Ghost Technology: Now Pull Objects From Your Screen Effortlessly


If you thought large screen TVs boasting resolutions of 4K and above were something that defined modern technology, let us introduce you to something called Ghost technology. The efforts of European researchers will allow us to change the way we interact with displays by interacting with objects.

In other words, you will easily be able to pull out objects and other items from the screen you are interacting with, and adjust their shape and size according to your will. Ghost technology, which is actually the short form of Generic, Highly-Organic Shape Changing Interfaces, will help to make this possible.

Ghost Technology Is Not Far Off; Should Take Five Years To Reach Consumers

UltraHaptics is the startup company behind this innovative idea, and currently, they are immersed in bringing two product to the market: Emerge and Morphees (whose details will be given below). According to Tech Radar, Ghost technology coordinator Kasper Hornbæk, who hails from the University of Copenhagen, has stated the following:

“It's not only about deforming the shape of the screen, but also the digital object you want to manipulate, maybe even in mid-air. Through ultrasound levitation technology, for example, we can project the display out of the flat screen. And thanks to deformable screens we can plunge our fingers into it.”

Hornbæk states that the technology should not take more than five years to enter the consumer market, which surprisingly, is a very short time. Currently, UltraHaptics has employed 12 individuals, and is seeking investors that will allow the firm to mass produce these interactive displays.

Coming to the two products, the team has so far built a string of prototypes of different shape-changing displays. Emerge will let the user pull data out of a bar chart with their own fingers, and move it around freely. Morphees are flexible devices that can easily morph their shape.

As for what Hornbæk believes, he once more states that:

“Displays which change shape as you are using them are probably only five years off now. This will have all sorts of implications for the future, from everyday interaction with mobile phones to learning with computers and design work.”

Half a decade might be a very short period for the tech to arrive for consumer use, so let us hope that the company rolls out these products at affordable prices otherwise it is likely that only the 1 percent will have access to interactive displays sporting Ghost technology.

Image source: Tech Radar