Ghost of Tsushima Has Three Regions and Hundreds of Points of Interest to Explore

Nathan Birch
Ghost of Tsushima

We’ve heard a lot about how big Ghost of Tsushima is, with developer Sucker Punch promising it’s their largest open world “by a landslide,” but, of course, size isn’t everything. Variety is important too! Thankfully, it sounds like the folks at Sucker Punch are packing a lot into their virtual version of Tsushima Island.

According to a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Ghost of Tsushima’s world will be split into three regions, which will further be divided into 40 unique biomes, which will include forests, swamps, and frozen mountains. Sucker Punch is working to make each one of these biomes feel unique through the use of color and the types of foliage you’ll find there. Within these 40 biomes, expect “hundreds” of different points of interest to interact with.

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Sucker Punch’s Tsushima won’t be a 1:1 recreation of the actual island, but some real-life landmarks, and some stuff from mainland Japan, were used as inspiration. Ultimately, the level designers focused on the contrast between the natural and human world…

The world of Tsushima is built around two pillars: natural beauty and manmade order. While exploring the world, you may follow a string of torii gates to a forgotten shrine, assault a fortified castle, or find an abandoned fishing hut near the water. There are hundreds of locations in Tsushima to explore and hidden rewards to find. Based on the region, different locations have their own identity. For example, the healing town of Akashima is located in lowland wetlands. Moss hangs and grows on every surface, mist lingers above the ground, and incense burns near the great bell. You might even hear frogs croaking around you. It is mysterious and beautiful.

Ghost of Tsushima sneaks onto PS4 on July 17. What do you think? Excited to explore the game’s world for yourself?

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