Get Three HomeKit Wemo Smart Plugs for Just $44.99 Today, No Hub Required Either


Add not one, not two, but three smart plugs to your home or office for a low price of just $44.99, courtesy Wemo. But, all of these plugs are compatible with Apple HomeKit as well.

3-Pack of Wemo Smart Plugs Compatible with Apple's HomeKit Available for Just $44.99

If you are going to stick with Apple and Siri for your smart home setup then Wemo is one of the best options around when it comes to smart plugs. And their option offers solid compatibility with HomeKit, meaning it is ready to turn stuff on or off at a moment's notice. No dropped connections or anything at all.

Today, Wemo is offering a three-pack of its Wi-Fi smart plugs for a low price of just $44.99, saving you $5 without having to do anything at all. With a solid rating of 4.1 out of 5 under the belt, these plugs are trusted by thousands of buyers out there.

Since these plugs do not rely on a hub, you can set them up using your existing Wi-Fi network. Just make sure you are using these plugs in an area that is within the range of your router and you'll be just fine.

Buy Wemo Smart Plug - Was $49.99, now just $44.99