Get Selpic P1, The World’s Smallest Handheld Printer, for $99

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selpic p1 handheld printer

Selpic has introduced the world's smallest handheld printer. The company claims its Selpic P1 is the most affordable and lightweight printer available in the market. Currently running a campaign on Indiegogo, the printer maker promises guaranteed deliveries starting from September with 12 months of warranty and free worldwide shipping.

Selpic P1 costs $199, but if you back the project, you can get it for $99. Here is the company's press release detailing the product.

With the rise of the Wi-Fi network and everything today going mobile, the traditional printer can't fully meet your printing demands when you are suddenly struggling to find a place to print and want to print on various surfaces although it has powerful printing capacity. There's a mobile printer Selpic P1 that will fit your needs and make printing truly mobile.

Selpic P1 is a well-rounded portable printer for handling all your printing needs at home, in the office, or on the go. Selpic P1 uses inkjet technology but operates like a pen, allowing you to print photos, barcodes, QR codes, or just plain text on almost any porous surface, not limited to just paper. And it does all this right from the palm of your hand.

New inkjet printing systems such as this one are extremely impressive in their versatility. Selpic P1 supports printing at any angle, including horizontal and vertical orientation, and can switch printing direction from left to right or right to left.

With a built-in line break function, Selpic P1 has the ability to print either a single-line or across multiple lines. The number of printable lines is almost limitless.

Also, with the print ruler, you can better find the starting point and set up the printing position much more accurately and quickly.

Using the built-in microphone in your smartphone, the Selpic P1 app is able to turn your spoken words into text. The speech recognition is extremely high-quality and you can print the results at the touch of a button. This can be really handy when your hands are full or when you are speaking to a group, for example in education or business.

With the intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can customize any design on the dedicated app to create unique prints. You don't need to learn any fancy software or have any particular design skills.

Simply connect to a wireless network, add your custom design, and slide the printer onto any surface. Your creative work will be printing in just 3 steps.

The remarkable Selpic P1 can print almost anything, including text, logos, memes, QR codes, barcodes, and more, on any porous surface. It works perfectly on textiles, leather, wood, metal, plastic, paper, and even on curved or uneven surfaces. It does all this in high-quality, and allows you to save paper and make use of creative materials.

There are 8 cartridge colors available, which could meet all personalized printing demands. You can get the amazing color and print effects whether on dark or light surfaces. Just experience outstanding and vivid print quality using Selpic cartridge.

Selpic P1 has built-in 600 x 600 DPI, and is equipped with 300 nozzles and has nozzle spacing of just 0.002 inches. Each nozzle can eject 18 million drops per second, producing incredible quality and detail without missing a beat and with zero banding issues. There's no need to worry about misprints or fuzzy detail.

Weighing just 92g (0.21Ibs) and featuring an ergonomic pen-like shape, Selpic P1 is the smallest and lightest inkjet printer ever. The extremely compact design allows it to fit in a pocket, backpack, or any small workspace, allowing for easy transportation and saving space.

With a single cartridge, Selpic P1 is capable of printing over 90 pages of A4 papers. And installing replacement cartridges can be done in seconds. Simply press the lock button, pull out the old cartridge, and insert the new one. That's all there is to it!

Following minimalist design principles but retaining sophistication, this mobile printer is designed in a pen shape and is able to fit into the palm of your hand. Selpic P1 uses solid matte black and pearl white, and the refractive matte finish accentuates an ethereal sense of depth that reveals elegance and inner peace in every shade. Enjoy fast, effortless printing wherever you go.

Provided a collection of software development tools, Selpic P1 makes it easy to add additional features and custom mobile app development needs. Just build your mobile application and extend more printing possibilities.

We are striving to build a world-class printing brand with the purpose of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. Selpic P1 is not our first product, and we have already gained lots of loyal customers and a strong reputation from our earlier products.

The project currently has over 700 backers and has exceeded its initial funding goals. For more details, head over to the Indiegogo campaign. There are quite a few options to back this project: you can choose the bundle of two for $189 (down from $389) or buy an extra cartridge for $39 (down from $59).

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