Get 3 Nest Wifi Routers (Not Points) for $220 Today [Save $247]

Uzair Ghani
Save $247 on Nest Wifi system.

As crazy as it may sound, but you can actually buy three powerful Nest Wifi routers today for a low price of just $220.

Pack of Three Nest Wifi Routers Available for Just $220, Saving You a Massive $247 Instantly

This deal instantly saves you $247 without having to do anything at all. There are no discount codes or coupons to play with either. It's one of those deals that is extremely excellent to work with because it's so simple and straightforward.

Buy Google Nest WiFi Router 3 Pack (2nd Generation) - Was $468, now just $220.88

The best thing about this entire mesh system is this - it is a pack of three routers and does not contain any 'point' at all. This means you get way better speeds and longer range across the board no matter how you set these routers up in your home.

Just to give you an idea how powerful this system is - Google says that three routers alone offers coverage of up to 6,600 square feet. If you hate Wi-Fi blank spots around the house, this is a great way to get rid of them all.

Setting up the system is extremely easy as well. Just plug one router in to your ISP modem and set it up using the Google Home app - available for both iOS and Android. Once a single router is up and running, the app will walk you through on how to add more.

You can use the Google Home app to see who is connected to your network and even pause or prioritize devices, if needed. If you are well invested in the Google Home ecosystem, then this app will feel right at.. home.

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