Get $10 Off on ANKER’s 10W Qi Wireless Charging Stand, Works with iPhone and Android Flawlessly

One of ANKER's best ever wireless chargers is back on sale again. This time it's $10 off its usual list price, making it ideal to buy.

Having a stand style wireless charger at home or office has a lot of advantages. For example, you always have the display facing towards you, meaning you can keep on watching that TV show or have a video call while your phone juices up. Not only that, this type of charger will save you space on a desk too.

If you're all set to buy a wireless charging stand for your iPhone or Android device then look no further than what ANKER has on offer today. It's a 10W charger that will rapidly juice up a device like the Galaxy S10 and will charge up an iPhone at a respectable 5W speed.

You also get a dual-coil design, meaning that you can charge your phone in either portrait mode or landscape and it will charge up just fine. Also, since this charger has dual coils for charging up therefore you don't have to worry about phone size at all. Just place it on the charger and you'll be set from the get-go.


Since this an ANKER product we are dealing with therefore you can expect a high-quality design and all the necessary safeties that ensure the safety of your device while it is charging up. If you are interested in this wireless charger, simply head over to the link below. It's a limited time discount which won't last for a long time.

Buy Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified - Was $26, now just $16

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