Genesis Announces the Seaborg 400 Racing Wheel Controller

Evan Federowicz
Seaborg 400
Source: Genesis

Most gamers utilize a mouse and keyboard for most games, while other gamers may use a controller, but some use a racing wheel for racing simulators. Genesis has announced the Seaborg 400 Racing wheel controller; this controller offers much more immersion when playing a racing game. The Seaborg 400 racing wheel utilizes a mounting clamp and has a total of 15 buttons. This racing wheel will feature support for various consoles and computers with a price of $159.

The Seaborg 400 racing wheel offers a dual vibration system and a total of 15 buttons, allowing racers to feel the driving terrain easily.

The Seaborg 400 racing wheel offers widespread compatibility among devices, including Sony Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even offers support for the Nintendo Switch. This widespread support means that moving this racing wheel among various devices is both easy and efficient. The racing wheel offers a rotation range of 270 degrees to 900 degrees allowing racers to drift around nearly every corner.

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Source: Genesis

The Seaborg 400 racing wheel utilizes a dual vibration system allowing drivers to feel every bump in the road. The Seaborg 400 racing wheel offers gamers to feel the difference in the driving terrain. This racing wheel offers eight programmable buttons. A wide array of customization allows gamers to perfectly set up the racing wheel to fit their racing game and racing style.

Source: Genesis

This racing wheel offers both special suction cups to ensure that the device is secure on the desk, but this device also comes with clamps for a much more secure feeling when racing around each corner. Keeping the racing wheel stable and secure incredibly important for the immersion that the racer feels.

The Seaborg 400 racing wheel is made from a combination of metal and ABS plastic and offers a cable length of 200 cm. This racing wheel also offers an additional USB port on the back and a 3.5 mm jack allowing users to easily connect nearly any headphones to the racing wheel, offering even more immersion.

The Genesis Seaborg 400 will feature a price tag of $159 and be available on various retailers' websites and various stores in the next coming days, with no exact date set.

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