Genesis Announces The Helium 100BT Wireless PC Speakers With RGB Lighting


Genesis announces the Helium 100BT Wireless PC speakers, which feature both RGB lighting and Bluetooth connectivity. The speakers offer high-quality audio keeping the audio distortion-free even at the highest volume. The Helium 100BT Wireless PC speakers have a simplistic design when compared to other RGB-infused PC speakers. These speakers feature a metal back, which offers a much more stable construction than some PC speakers. The Helium 100BT Wireless PC speakers are priced at €34 or roughly 40 USD.

Genesis Announces the Helium 100BT speakers can have two Wireless connections using Bluetooth 5.0

The Helium 100BT Wireless PC speakers feature the same front design while one speaker features the volume up and down buttons and the power on / off and the mute button. On the front of the speakers, there is also the RGB lighting, which makes these speakers look fantastic. These lights are in a ring formation around the speaker, which illuminates the speaker and offers an incredibly unique design.

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Source: Genesis

These RGB lights are entirely customizable, allowing gamers to have a fantastic atmosphere for your gaming sessions. These RGB lights are easily changed using a dedicated button on the front panel of the speakers.

Source: Genesis

The sound quality that comes to these speakers is excellent, partly due to the vented opening. Which is part of the Bass Reflex system that these speakers incorporate into its housing.

These speakers can either be connected through either wireless, using Bluetooth 5.0. The Helium 100BT Wireless PC speakers also can be connected using a 3.5 mm input, which allows gamers to connect up to a total of three devices. Using Bluetooth connectivity, users can connect up to two different devices at the same time.

For power, these speakers require a total of ten watts, and that is split in have, so each speaker requires just five watts to run even at the highest volume. This lowered operation voltage means running these speakers at the maximum volume shouldn't increase your electric bill.

These speakers cost around €34 or roughly 40 USD, which is great for a budget PC setup. This lowered cost for an RGB Bluetooth Speakers enables these speakers to be part of the larger budget market rather than the enthusiast PC market.