GeForce Driver 416.34 Out Now, Optimized for Black Ops 4, Soulcalibur VI and GRIP

NVIDIA just released a new GeForce Driver (416.34), which delivers optimizations for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (out today), Soulcalibur VI (out next week) and GRIP (out early next month).

Below you can find the highlights from the official release notes shared by NVIDIA for this GeForce driver.

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Game Ready - Provides the optimal gaming experience for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, SOULCALIBUR VI, and GRIP.

Fixed Issues

  • Games launch to a black screen when DSR is enabled. [2411501]

  • Some games produce red/green/blue shimmering line when played in full-screen mode and with G-SYNC enabled. [2041443]

  • [Windows Defender Application Guard][vGPU][Surround]: Surround cannot be enabled from the NVIDIA Control Panel when running Edge Browser with Application Guard over vGPU. [200444614]

  • [PUBG]: Issue with shadows may occur in the game. [2414749]

  • When HDR is enabled, games show green corruption. [2400448]

Open Issues

  • [Windows Defender Application Guard][vGPU][Surround]: Edge Browser with Application Guard cannot be opened when Surround is enabled. [200443580]

  • [GeForce GTX 1060]AV receiver switches to 2-channel stereo mode after 5 seconds of audio idle. [2204857]

  • [GeForce GTX 1080Ti]: Random DPC watchdog violation error when using multiple GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips. [2079538]

  • [SLI][HDR][Battlefield 1]: With HDR enabled, the display turns pink after changing the refresh rate from 144 Hz to 120 Hz using in-game settings. [200457196]

  • [Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox. [2107201]

  • [Far Cry 5]: Flickering occurs in the game. [2400207]

NVIDIA also advised gamers that there currently is an issue with the GeForce Experience overlay in Black Ops 4 and it would, therefore, be optimal to disable it temporarily.

Note: We have identified an issue with the GeForce Experience Alt+Z in-game overlay that can cause Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to freeze in some instances. NVIDIA is actively working to address this issue, but in the meantime please avoid using the GeForce in-game overlay in this title. If you prefer, you can temporarily disable the overlay until our fix is released by following the steps listed here.

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