Gears of War 3 delayed to April 2011.


After the Halo series Gears of War is Microsoft's biggest cash cow when the XBOX 360 is concerned, Gears of War 3 will apparently be the last chapter in the game and is expected to be a huge hit among the fans but alas tragedy struck when it was reported that fans of the game would have to wait an additional 5 months to enjoy the game. The new release date is April 5th 2010.

Microsoft stated

"The teams at Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games have done great work thus far readying the title for release in the spring of 2011," the company said in a statement. "However, we've elected to move the launch of Gears of War 3 until fall 2011 to make it the marquee title for the holiday season."

It goes without saying that Gears of War 3 will definitely be a huge hit and will definitely be a MUST want game for many XBOX 360 gamers out there with the story of Marcus Fenix and the Other COG members getting so good after the events of Gears of War 2 one must simply wonder how Microsoft plans on wrapping up the series? Maybe they will do another Halo turnaround on the game and make more Gears of War games which will have a focus on other COG units or even a prequel to the game. But for now let's wait and see how the closing chapter to this great game series comes to.

Source: Gamespot